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Your roof is designed to repel water, keeping you and your possessions nice and dry. Still, over time, even the best roof can develop issues, including damaged flashing, missing shingles, and, unfortunately, roof leaks.

Exterior Warning Signs

  • Ceiling Spots
  • Algae Growth
  • Missing Granules
  • Buckling
  • Rotting
  • Damaged Flashing
  • Damaged or Missing Shingles

Interior Warning Signs

  • Sagging Decking
  • Dark Spots
  • Moisture
  • Light Shining through the Decking

If you notice any of the above warning signs of roof leaks, contact your local, Baltimore roofer as quickly as possible. Fixing a small roof leak now is much more cost effective than allowing the little issue to become a major problem.

DIY Roof Repair vs. Professional Roof Repair

Believe it or not, locating a roof leak is not an easy task. More often than not, the location of the water intrusion is not the same location as the leak itself. It takes both knowledge and experience to diagnose roofing issues.

As you can probably imagine, if locating a leak is difficult, repairing a roof leak is no cake walk either. You will more than likely need to call a professional roofer to both locate and fix the leak.

Garner Roofing: Baltimore Roof Repair

Garner Roofing specializes in Leak Investigation & Repair. Our systemized approach to leak investigation and repair has allowed Garner Roofing to maintain a high first call success ratio. So why call anyone else?

Garner Roofing’s factory trained and ShingleMaster Certified technicians have the experience and the knowledge to diagnose and repair even the most stubborn roof leaks as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

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