Gutter guard

Believe it or not, your gutters play an important role in the protection of your home. Clogged, poorly maintained, or deteriorating gutters can allow water to accumulate where it is not supposed to, damaging your home, landscape, and much more.

Expensive Outcomes of Poorly Maintained Gutters

Mesh Gutter Guards: Made from stainless steel mesh, these gutter guards claim to keep everything out, including sand. Mesh gutter guards slide under the roof shingles and fastens to the front lip of your gutter.

  • Foundation Damage: The #1 culprit of most deteriorating foundations is a poorly maintained gutter system. And remember, it is much more cost effective to maintain, repair, or replace your gutters than it is to replace a foundation wall, which could cost you well over $20,000.
  • Mold: Poorly maintained gutters can cause water to accumulate around your foundation, slowly seeping into your basement…the perfect breeding ground for mold. And depending on the extent of your mold infestation, you could end up paying as much as $10,000 in mold remediation fees.
  • Winter Damage: Perhaps the most severe of any of our scenarios, winter damage – the accumulation and constant freezing and thawing of snow and ice on your roof and fascia because of clogged gutters – can cause rotting to occur quickly. And as you can imagine, roof replacement is not exactly cheap.

Because of all this, it is important to keep your gutters free from debris. Properly maintained gutters are an integral part of your home’s exterior. They catch water and direct it away from your walls, basement, roof, and foundation.

Garner Roofing’s Gutter Services

Garner Roofing installs inspects, repairs, and replaces most types of gutter systems. We also offer a variety of gutter protection (leaf guard) options.

If you have any questions about Gutter Maintenance, Repair, Replacement, and Installation, or if you are interested in scheduling a free roofing consultation / siding consultation, please contact Garner Roofing by calling 410-753-2322 today!

Garner Roofing Company, LLC is a Maryland Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Contractor offering Residential and Commercial Roofing, Siding, and Gutter Replacement services to Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Harford County, and Northern Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Garner Roofing is also a Certified ShingleMaster Company through Certainteed. You can verify our credentials by visiting the Certainteed website.

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