Gutter guard

When you think about your roof, what comes to mind? I am guessing that the first thing that pops into almost everyone’s mind is shingles, then maybe chimneys, followed by flashing. What I am guessing many of you have neglected to consider are your gutters.

Believe it or not, your gutters play an integral role in the functionality and protection of your roof. If your gutters are clogged they cannot do their job, putting your roof in jeopardy. And with Fall right around the corner, NOW is the perfect time to consider a Gutter Protection System, like gutter guards and gutter covers.

Selecting the Right Gutter Protection System

Mesh Gutter Guards: Made from stainless steel mesh, these gutter guards claim to keep everything out, including sand. Mesh gutter guards slide under the roof shingles and fastens to the front lip of your gutter.

  • Bottle Brush Gutter Guards: Resembling a large, flexible bottle brush, these gutter guards are cheap, yet affective. These gutter guards are inserted into your gutters and act as a barrier to block leaves and other debris.
  • Reverse Curve Gutter Guards: Keep your gutters clear of debris by channeling rainwater around the nose-forward panel and through a small, 3/8-inch horizontal slit. This keeps debris out while letting rainwater in.
  • Nylon Gutter Guards: These gutter guards are made of 3/4-inch thick industrial strength nylon that fits into the gutter without attaching to the shingles. These work by not allowing debris to accumulate in the gutter yet allowing water to flow through.
  • Foam Type Gutter Guards: A polyurethane plastic gutter guard that fits into the gutter and blocks debris.
  • Non-Gutter Covers: Replace your conventional gutters with ¾-inch-wide aluminum louvers. With the appearance of an open Venetian blind, these contraptions work by breaking up heavy sheet of water into small drops and then deflecting them away from the house where they fall harmlessly to the ground in a two- to three-foot band.

If you have any questions about Gutter Protection Systems, Gutter Guards, Gutter Covers, or if you are interested in scheduling a free roofing consultation / siding consultation, please contact Garner Roofing by calling 410-753-2322 today!

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