DIY roof leak repair

In today’s technologically advanced society, more and more homeowners are choosing to take on home improvement tasks they would have outsourced to professionals in the past. Why? Well, nowadays, there is a “How to” video for just about everything on the Internet, from how to fix a leaky pipe to how to replace shingles. However, not every task can be sufficiently completed by watching a 10-minute long how to video. Installing new shingles is one of those tasks.

There are numerous reasons why you should leave your roof replacement to the professionals. These reasons include:

  • Safety: According to the National Center for Health and Statistics, 890,000 people were rushed to the emergency room for fall-related injuries between 2008 and 2009.
  • Save Money: Improperly installed shingles can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in future repairs. When a roof is not installed properly, it cannot shield your home from moisture. This can result in costly roof leaks, water damage, and mold.
  • Time: Odds are that it will take you much longer to replace your shingles than it would for a professional roofer to complete the task. Do you have the time needed to complete the job the right way?
  • Training & Experience: Professional roofers have the training and experience to not only replace your roof quickly and efficiently, but also correctly!

Do yourself a favor and call a professional roofer. You will thank us!

Baltimore Roof Replacement from Garner Roofing

Eventually, every roof requires replacing. When the need to replace your roof arises, it is important to choose a contractor you can trust, a contractor like the ones found at Garner Roofing. Our representatives and installers are factory trained and ShingleMaster Certified.

Garner Roofing delivers value by performing professional installation using high quality products at a reasonable price. Quality does not have to cost a fortune!

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