Spring Has Sprung, and So Have Roof Issues in Baltimore!

spring roof problems, spring roof damage, spring weather damage, Baltimore

Ah, spring! The season of renewal, of flowers blooming, birds chirping, and, unfortunately, your roof throwing a fit. Yes, you read that right. While we all love the nicer, warmer temperatures and the return of all that vibrant greenery, spring weather in Baltimore can be a mixed bag for homeowners, especially when it comes to […]

3 Common Reasons Baltimore Residents Replace their Roofs

roof replacement reasons, when to replace a roof, roof damage, Baltimore

Are you in the market for a new roof for your home in Baltimore and are wondering if it is the right time? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you have recently sustained roof damage or you’re simply looking for an aesthetic change, upgrading your roof will boost your home’s property and help […]

4 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Roof for your Baltimore Home

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Are you ready to invest in a new roof for your home in Baltimore? Depending on the time of year, Baltimore is prone to the occasional tornado, tropical storms, harsh winds, and hail. Selecting the right roof is an important step in protecting your home from the climate. The process of choosing the best roof […]

What is the Typical Cost to Install New Gutters in Baltimore?

new gutter cost, gutter replacement cost, Baltimore

Are you in the market for a new gutter system for your Baltimore home and are wondering what it will cost? The climate in Baltimore ranges from hail, harsh winds, and the occasional tornado to tropical storms. Gutters play an essential part in preventing water damage by directing rainwater away from your roof and the […]

5 Steps to Take After a Storm Damages Your Roof in Baltimore

roof storm damage, storm damage roof repair, Baltimore

After a long day of work, knowing your home can bring you peace of mind filled with rest and rejuvenation is comforting. It can consist of a special chair in the living room, a pet nearby as a constant companion, or the love of family members to share. These are the lives and loves our […]

What Can I Expect to Pay for New Siding in Baltimore

new siding cost, siding replacement cost, siding installation, Baltimore

Should you replace the siding of your home in Baltimore? Your siding plays a pivotal role in protecting you against the local climate and maintaining the charm of your residence. With the occasional tornadoes, tropical storms, harsh winds, and hail storms, your siding needs to be durable and able to have long-lasting resistance against the […]

How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost in Baltimore

Garner Roofing & Remodeling - roof replacement

Does your home need to have a new roof installed? Having a sturdy and well-maintained roof is an incredibly important part of keeping your home safe. A damaged or weak roof leaves a house exposed to the natural elements. In Baltimore, the weather ranges from windy and snowy winters to humid and hot summers. In […]

5 Benefits of Hiring a Local Roofing Company in Baltimore

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Are you unsure of where to start in the process of having changes made to your roofing or home? We know that making changes to your roofing is a big investment and you should feel at peace knowing you’ve chosen a roofing company that will go above and beyond your expectations.  The best way to […]

Spring Roof Maintenance Tips From Garner Roofing Your Baltimore Roofer

Roof replacement - FAQ's

The first day of spring is almost here which means one thing: Spring Cleaning! Homeowners across the country will pick up their brooms, feather dusters, vacuums, and household cleaning products to try and whip the inside of their homes into shape. These same homeowners will take to their gardens to plant beautiful flowers, clean their […]

Ice Dams Roof Repair Tips From Garner Roofing Your Baltimore Roofer

Snow and ice dam

Considering the strength of today’s snowstorm, Garner Roofing, your Baltimore roofer, thought this would be a good time to revisit the topic of Ice Dams and roof leaks. What is an Ice Dam? An ice dam is a roofing issue that forms after a significant snowfall. When the temperature of your roof is above freezing, […]